Wondrous Carter Brown


Wondrous Carter-Brown is on a mission to create a standard for hairdressing for Africa that is uniquely African. She plans to accomplish this by fusing already established western methods with those unique to Africa. Wondrous sees hairdressing as an arm of the beauty industry that promotes creativity, freedom, financial independence and helps home life skills such as problem solving.

Her career started as a child in her grandmother’s kitchen learning how to “press hair” then as a teen experimenting with styles for friends and family. Professionally, she studied Cosmetology and Skin Care at Citrus College in Glendora, California then received her license as Aesthetician and Master Cosmetologist in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002.

Moving to Nigeria has renewed her passion for hairdressing as well as expanded it to growing the industry to exceed international standards. She believes she can impact the lives of millions especially women simply by sharing her love and knowledge of hairdressing.