The other day, my muse Temi came around to the salon for her hair fix. She needed to make her hair for a wedding she was attending and as usual, I looked at her and was instantly inspired. While combing her hair, I had a vision of her hair finger-waved towards the side and back with swirly curls; thank God curls came back in fashion!

From the moment I touched her hair, we both felt the magic that happens between the two of us whenever we work together. Whenever I do hair, especially Temi’s hair, I feel my super power. As I create on hair, I feel energy flowing from my mind to my hands then it is transferred to my client. I literally feel them grow more powerful, more confident, becoming just more of themselves. It is a feeling of excitement in anticipation of what is about to happen; the great hairstyle we are about to create.

While watching me style her hair in the mirror, Temi either saw it happen, felt it happen or maybe both, I can’t say for sure the exact way it happened for her but the moment I swirled her hair just the right way, she made a sound and the only thing I could think of was HAIRGASM. I don’t recall ever hearing the term before but I looked it up because there just had to be a definition.

Hairgasm is a climax of excitement characterized by feelings of euphoria centered around having, seeing or creating great hair.

For women, a good Hairgasm is as (I think more) powerful than an orgasm because the feeling is relived every time you look in the mirror, every time you receive a compliment, when you feel eyes on you and you know that, without a doubt, it is because of your fabulous, healthy, shiny hair perfectly expressing who you are at the moment.

I strive for this connection each time I create a style but some connections are just more Hairgasmic than others.